Convincing Your Partner to do The GAPS Diet

So you’ve come to the realisation that you and your family REALLY need to do The GAPS Diet…  there’s only one thing standing in the way… your partner!!  They’re not too keen on the whole idea…  it may be they think it’s a load of rubbish, maybe they’re more inclined to listen to their doctor rather than a Naturopath or GAPS Practitioner or maybe they’re in denial that there’s any issues at all. Whatever the case, the question is “how do I handle this?”

Well, here’s a few tips that might be of use, and of course make sure you do it in a comfortable, relaxed setting where you’re not going to be interrupted, and have some books or information there to show them if you think that may be useful.

Attempt number 1:

Do they have any health conditions they’ve shown any concern about? Do they snore? Are they overweight? Do they have any allergies? Are they just concerned about ageing and doing so in a healthy and graceful manner?

If that’s not going to cut it then:

Attempt number 2:

Discuss any health issues of your own that you’re concerned about, perhaps they know what they are perhaps you haven’t had an opportunity to discuss them before either way sometimes partners are more inclined to go along for the ride if it’s going to help you but they’re not really interested in doing it for themselves.

If that doesn’t cut it then:

Attempt number 3:

If all elses face bring in the kids health!! I haven’t met a partner yet who doesn’t want the best for their kids. Discuss any particular conditions the kids are experiencing, it could be eczema, asthma, they’re always unwell with recurrent illnesses, perhaps they have anxiety, digestive issues, Autism, learning difficulties, behavioural issues or something else.

When you’re having this discussion with your partner spend some time discussing the fact that The GAPS Diet isn’t a diet in the normal understanding of the word. It’s not about losing weight (although that’s quite often a nice side effect), it’s ultimately about healing your body, feeling healthier and choosing a whole foods approach to eating rather than more processed foods.

If it still isn’t cutting it then:

Attempt number 4:

Take your partner to a qualified GAPS Practitioner so they can directly discuss their concerns with someone who isn’t you. I can tell you now, sometimes that is the best thing you can do, let them hear it from someone else. I am a qualified practitioner and have treated many happy patients over the years around their health and nutrition YET there was still a time I would take my own family to another practitioner to hear the exact same thing I would say from them. (Thankfully now they’re finally starting to listen to me).

If it still isn’t cutting it then:

Attempt number 5:

Some patients I’ve met over the years say to me, my husband doesn’t believe in all this, he thinks it’s rubbish and I should just see a doctor. If you’re partner is in that category then find yourself a good Integrative Doctor in your area that is more holistic in their approach and supports gut healing protocols such as The GAPS Diet and take them there.

Overall, the most important part of doing The GAPS Diet or making any positive changes to how the family eats is that both you and your partner are on board and supporting each other, especially when the kids start objecting to the food being offered.

Changes need to be a team effort and parents do have to work together to be successful. I will say, after having done The GAPS Diet with my family there’s no lie, it is tough, especially in the initial stages but never has anyone said to me it wasn’t worth doing or they didn’t feel better when they were on it.

So whatever your situation, if you feel that’s the path best suited to you and your family, sit your partner down, get them on board and don’t look back…… your health will thank you.

Thank you for joining me here at Mumma’s Own, I look forward to being a part of your healing journey.

From the team at Mumma’s Own.


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