Welcome to Mumma’s Own

For those of you that have been a part of my “a better you” community you may have noticed a few changes…  Since becoming a Naturopath many years ago my interests and focus have changed as my life and my patients lives have changed and I’ve now found myself on a new and exciting path with Mumma’s Own.

Like life, things change as our circumstances change which is pretty much what happened to me when I had children and started to experience what I like to call “the kid factor”…

This is where you suddenly find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of new borns, nappies, sleepless nights, forgetting to take a shower, little to no social interaction and the urge to scream daily….  and that was after my first child who, in hindsight, was a pretty easy kid.

With this happening around me I had my clinic, “Sonia Tzerefos… for a better you” which I started as what I would call a “General Naturopathic Practitioner”..  what I mean by that was I was treating a variety of ailments and wasn’t really specialising in any one area.

Along the way we had number 2 child…  and again “the kid factor” kicked in…  but this time it was on steroids!!!

Many of you know the story of our son who has Autism but for those of you that don’t here’s the recap..

“The kid factor on steroids” is when you find yourself once again caught up in the whirlwind of a new born and nappies, however, sleepless nights…  well, if I thought getting up 1-2 times a night with my daughter was a big deal then I had no idea what was about to come. I was up every 2 hours feeding and during the day wasn’t much different, unsettled was an understatement and forgetting to take a shower every second day was one thing but not showering for more than 3 days isn’t something I’d experienced since my backpacking days!!!

So as we were going through the day to day of 2 kids we found out Zac had Autism which is when I moved away from being a “General Naturopathic Practitioner” to being more focussed on working with children with Autism and their families.

It didn’t stop there of course, as we grow we learn and what I learned was there was so much more to Autism than meets the eye..

To an outsider, and by that I mean someone who hasn’t got kids with Autism or isn’t in close contact with someone who does, it’s hard to really understand what it’s all about.

Why can’t you stop them throwing themselves on the floor in the supermarket screaming?

Why do you always have to do the same routine daily, why can’t they just go with the flow?

Why do they have to wear those noise cancelling headphones every time you leave the house?

Why can’t you just control your child..  perhaps you should call “Super Nanny Jo Frost” (this was once suggested to me by a “helpful” stranger at a kids play cafe!!)

Well helpful strangers….. because its NOT THAT EASY!!!  And frankly, do I look like I’m having a good time wrangling this child in one hand whilst trying to pay for my groceries with the other and manage a second child!!!

Okay – so don’t get me started on that!!

To try and get a handle on life moving forward we engaged in multiple therapies, in fact I would say thousands of hours of therapy and during this time I once again shifted my focus on how I could help other families. I became a Certified GAPS Practitioner, training with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, focussed a lot on gut health and the many imbalances our children experience which in turn led me to really focus on gut and digestive health across the board.

In the early days I had huge success with my patients who were doing the GAPS Diet with most starting it for their children who were either on the spectrum or were struggling with other health issues. The thing was when my families came to me they would originally be doing it for their children but would get the whole family to do it, which is what we did so that they were all supporting each other.

What they didn’t expect, of course, was the benefits they themselves would experience as a result of changing their diet and healing the gut which is why my focus now is as a “Digestive and Gut Health Naturopath”. Over the years I’ve written hundreds of nutritional plans for my patients depending on their individual needs which focus on gut health and healing intestinal permeability and I’ve watched them all in amazement as they turn their lives around.

This is why I am now launching “Mumma’s Own”…..

Mumma’s Own is a space where I will be building a variety of nutritional programs which have been invaluable to my patients over the years and I hope they will be to you.

The first program, which I’m very excited about is the “Mumma’s Own Ultimate 6 Week Gut Reset Program” which has been designed with busy people in mind. The meals are highly nutritious, gut healing and easy to make with all of them being from my very own kitchen.

For those of you keen to get started I’m offering $100 off the price of the program, simply click the link below and register to receive your discount code.

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Thank you for joining me here at Mumma’s Own. I look forward to being a part of your personal healing journey.

From the team at Mumma’s Own